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Dear Dante,
Your leadership, and the able steering and organization of Stella, Joe and Primo are largely responsible for this historic achievement.
We are blessed to have you all. -Boy Abay

Greetings from Cebu!
Thank you for that wonderful message. It should be the other way around. I should thank you for organizing the Summit that efficiency, expeditiously, and effectively. I was most impressed.
That was a great sign of your leadership, and those of Primo and Stella.
I might add, it was my pleasure to have met you. I have emailed with you so long, it was
finally a realization of my eagerness to meet you in person. And I must say, you were
really great and impressive and respectable.
Thank you, thank you, best wishes, and may god bless you and your family always.
Philip Chua

Thanks. I will forward to my Class. Noel Canlas

Hi Dante,
Good job and congratulations. Thanks for all your hard work.
Extend our regard to Margie. -Oni and Zita Yorro

Dear Dante,
What a beautiful message from one of the organizers of the event, and an acknowledged leader in the medical profession.

I fully agree with you on your observations that have been validated, and I am so glad that together as a Team — as members of the Filipino American Leaders Council — we speak with one voice, we are one and unified, and we can agree to disagree on a professional level and come out like true professionals as proven by the most recent exercise in naming and renaming the Council.

I wish to express my profound thanks to you, to Dr. Primo Andres, Dr. Jose Evangelista, Dr. Stella Evangelista, Dr. Philip Chua, Dr. E. (Boy) Abay, Dr. Zita Yorro, Dr. Aquilina Saw, and of course, to Mrs. Sylvia Andres for being an excellent and gracious hostess during our sumptuous dinner at the Andreses Las Vegas mansion on the eve of the historic summit.

I also with to convey my grateful appreciation to Mr. Bob Gnaizda, Policy Director and General Counsel of the Greenlining Institute, to Ms. Farida Ali of the Greenlining Institute, Ms. Faith Bautista of Mabuhay Alliance, Ms. Ging Reyes and Ms. Gel Santos-Relos of ABS-CBN International, and to Bob Jose of Las Vegas who conducted the on-camera interview for Balitang America.
To the rest of the participants, who automatically became charter members of the Council, my sincerest thanks and warm congratulations.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all!

Chairman & CEO, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, MANILA-U.S. TIMES
http://manilaustimes.blogspot.com/ . johnnypecayo@yahoo.com
1025 Cove Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 . cp: (818) 749-0151
Hi Dante,
Very good letter. Thanks again for being a great
leader. Regards to margie. Zita Yorro
Good job! Sorry I could not be there. –Greg Tolentino
Dante–Thank you. U.S.T.MAAA is fortunate to have you as President during this time of crisis in our medical practice.U.S.T Alumni salutes you, Primo, BOY ABAY,  Joe and Stella Evangelista for hosting this
historic event. Thank you .GOD BLESS.–BOY Vijungco


Thanks for your kind words. This is our fight, so I am with you 100%. AsI told my close friend Primto Andres, I am flying to Manila November 6th for a couple of
meetings in Manila,and to Cebu to do open heart. All I asked is for you to please push for my suggestion for Disney/ABC media group to produce a Historical Documentary about Filipino physicians in the United States the past five decades or more, to let the American public (and the whole world thru this documentary) the truth and the facts about the Filipino physicians in America and around the globe. I requested Boy Abay and primo to articulate my suggestion for this documentary, but if they forget, may I request you to please kindly bring this up… as a part of our demands, besides making a more genuine and more sincere apology during one of their future episode of Desperate Housewives, unlike the casual, hollow and superficial one they did a few days ago. Let’s not totally rule out our legal option, in case Disney/ABC remains arrogant and uncooperative and unrepentant. We already have our lawyer on contingency, standing by. But most importantly, let us be UNITED and speak with ONE UNITED voice….or else, we will face our Waterloo. Dante, although in the Philippines, you may email me since I open my emails several times a day.
Thanks for your leadership.
Best wishes, more power to you, and god bless.- Philip
Philip S. Chua, M.D., FACS, FPCS
Cardio-vascular Surgeon
Chairman, Filipino United Network (USA)

People need to understand that Teri Hatcher was just reading the script written by ABC’s writers which was approved by ABC management.As a Filipino, I reacted by faxing the formal letter of protest by the Philippine Conuslate to the three biggest hospitals in Los Angeles to let the Filipino health professionals what was going on. Unfortunately the writers in ABC and ABC it self is so ignorant not knowing that Filipino health professionals are licensed and board certified in the United States. There are also Filipinos in the Armed Forces of the United States Medical Corp performing an outstanding job serving and caring for our wounded troops. – Joselito F Blanco [mailto:joey.blanco@csun.edu]

…… But, I think they are only referring to Filipino gynecolgist! Joke only, Noel Canlas

Dear Dr. Gapultos:
Glad you sent a letter indicating our disgust with this episode. It is insensitive, degrading, insulting and is definitely a racial slur. I read your response to the recent slur directed towards graduates of Philippine Medical Schools. Thank you. As an elder of the Filipino-American Medical Community may I suggest that you take on the initiative to invite other Presidents of the various Philippine Medical Alumni Associations (and other Philippine Medical Associations in the US if you wish) to a meeting to formulate a strong response to this ugly episode and to develop ways by which the Filipino-American Physician can respond to any discriminatory actions they face within their respective practices.
The response to the current problem should include statistics regarding IMG’s – qualifications before they are allowed to practice, number of IMG Physicians (approximately 25% – 30%) of the total workforce in the delivery of healthcare in this country and location of practice, giving emphasis to the contribution of this group of physicians to the delivery of health care in this Country. Again, thank you for your efforts.

Hernan M. Reyes, MD, FACS (UST Class’57)
Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Rush University Medical Center
Past Chairman, Dept. of Surgery, Cook County Hospital
Professor of Surgery, University of Illinois College of Medicine
Chicago, IL

I have another idea. Write ABC that if they do not apologize in print and in their programs, we are going to spread the word that their programs be avoided by the viewing public. That’s where are energies and time be focused on.- Felicitas D. Tobias, M.D. [mailto:FT@DoctorTobias.com]

Dear Dante: Thanks for your latest input on this unfortunate incident. I will get in touch with all the current officers of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America of which I was 2nd president & a founding fellow as well.I will exhort them to voice our consternation at such an insult to our national identity & qualifications. Please keep me posted. -Jacinto (Jack) T. Rios, M.D., F.A.C.S.

10-09-07 Sir/Madam (DAquino), Appreciate your sharing about the updates of this sad event. My personal impression may not mean much. This is my take so far: The apology from ABC is not sincere and not good enough for the damage and harm it did to all Filipino Physicians and seemingly secondary to our birth country for most of us if not all of us. Their reasoning or excuses of “offensive to Filipinos only” is not acceptable. A wrong act against anybody is wrong regardless of ethnicity, time and place. Example: Tortures of prisoners of war is wrong although considered enemies by the other side. “No control of the creative writings of the creative writers of the scripts” is just another way of saying “freedom of speech and expression” which includes “destructive, harmful and offensive writings” of the creative writers. Creative writers are responsible, enlightening, informative, inspiring, motivating and factual writers. Somewhere along the lines of responsibilities and accountability in ABC have approved and gave the go ahead signal to this racial and ignominious episode of the show concerning Filipino Physicians. I am just one person but I am a part of the Filipino Physicians in America. – Carlos Faustino [mailto:cfaustino@cox.net]

Thanks for the letter to the President of ABC Inc. Most of our friends who came are doctors and we discussed about the Desperate Housewives episode which is a favorite topic of conversation and e-mails these days. What I told them is if we boycott the products of the advertisers and they are aware of it, perhaps it will make an even bigger impact and ABC will be forced to do something more than a mere apology, don’t you think so? Vivian and Frank Talambiras

Dear Dante,
I missed that episode in Desperate Housewives. I am shocked that those particular sitcom writers think so lowly of Phil. Med education. I agree whole-heartedly with your sentiment. Your letter is appropriate, if not too polite. We should demand (not request) for a public retraction.
Naty Mendoza-Tielens

I think the best way to get back at the producers of this show is to pressure the Philippine government to ban the showing of this program in the entire country. lets see how they react to that!. it will hit them where it will the most- the pocket. we can also launch a campaign to boycott the show among all filipinos living in the states and other countries.
Mario R. Melendres, M.D.
Paranaque city. Philippines

I agree it is a challenge not to lower our guards. We are the best because we care and it is an understatement. Your classmate here is the best sought after because he cares, never a primadona. Offie Ofrecio Maristella my classmate and my CO-intern is the best and sought after over there, because she cares. Phillipines has THE Name recognition of all the IMGs and well like. The comment was directed to a natural born white who was expected to graduate in an American school and might not have. It is really more disparaging to an American born and raise in America because he did not make it in America and graduated overseas not necessarily the Philippines. But we know better and we have to educate them. I did not see the episode because Jun Beato did not email it to me. I bet it was said as a tease to the doctor.
Because of name recognition Phil. was mentioned to represent the whole. Would I have been disappointed if she said Dominican Republic? Considering the source, a soap, it really should not matter, but who the hell do I really know from there!. The network did not do us a favor that is for sure, but we should not be hard on ourselves. Just be th best w can.
for sure. Let us boycott but let us not be hard on ourselves. – Ides Santos
Kudos to you Dante! I had forwarded this e-mail t Class 1965 and some friends form the other classes. – Baby Jaleco

Dear Dante and Ides
This is not only directed to Filipino doctors but all graduates of Philippine med. school like the consultant for the TV show ER who is the President of the American college of Emergency Med. a UST grad. class 1982 –Rey Cordero
Thank you for leading the way.I forwarded your e-mail to different medical school officers and APPA.
Please include Retired Admiral Connie Mariano M.D. as personal physician of President Bill
Clinton and Jorge Garcia M.D. U.S.T. Medical graduate was one of the doctors who attended the wounded President Ronald Reagan. – BOY Vijungco

Dear President Dante,
This is not the first time that I’ve heard Filipinos were insulted, and its really very sad. Your letter is very nice. Thank you for sharing. -Peachie Saguin

WHEN the dust has settled, a summit or meeting of the different alumni organization is in order.
We should do a soul searching and find the root cause why the Filipino Physicians was the main Target.WHy not the Indians or Pakistanis Physicians who were the London Bombers and terrorist. Philippine Physicians working as a nurse and massive immigration to U.S. and other parts of Europe did not help our cause.The summit should include Philippine Government officials. A newspaper report that appeared in Kansas City Star list the worst medical schools whose graduates are in the U.S.
Unfortunately, one of them was a Philippine medical School,included a school in Guadalajara and one U.S. Medical school.An article in the New York Times quoting a Philippine physician claiming to be a
medical board topnotcher in the Philippines but could not pass U.S. Medical board did not help us.
There were 6 medical schools in the Philippines when were medical students,now 29 or 31 are in existence. No doubt this will dilute the quality of medical students.
Lastly, I would like to congratulate the U.S.T. Medical Alumni Association and foundation officers particularly Dante Gapultos M.D.,Primo Andres M.D.,Boy ABAY M.D. , TONY GONZALES M.D. for being in the forefront of this controversy.
Joe (Boy) Vijungco

You are absolutely correct. This is a good drill for us, a great learning experience
in vigilance and socio-civic conduct. And, as I have said before, the CAVEAT
is: We must be united, and must speak with one UNITED voice.
Best wishes. God bless.- Philip Chua, M.D. FACS, FPCS.

Dear Dante,
I suggest that we invite Presidents or representatives of various alumni associations and interested parties to Las Vegas in time with our November 10 meeting. We can schedule the meeting for 3 pm that Saturday, after our Board meeting. – Stella Evangelista

Dear Dante:
As a follow-up to my previous communications to you, I am reiterating what I have suggested in the past:
1. Try to join forces with other Phil -Am Medical Alumni Assoc. and other Filipino-American organizations to strategize what additional action need to be done even after the so called public apology by ABC has been made. If they are not interested, then I suggest you lead the charge to get in touch with ABC to arrange for a meeting with the USTMAAA group ( whoever you wish to have in your team). After all UST Med graduates in this country is greater in numbe than any othe PI Medical School. Additionally, the slur was directed against the graduates of PHil. Medical schools and therefore the most affected are those practising in this country.
2. A Sensitivity Forum should be organized and sponsored by ABC in Los Angeles or New York and the program should include my previous suggestions, re:
a. All involved from ABC – Producer, Writer, Artist – Terri Hatcher and a corporate representative should be in the Podium.
b. Several Physician representatives and non physician reps of the Filipino-American community should talk for 5 minutes to voice their displeasure with the program. Physicians should give stastistics on what we have accomplished – there are several sources of this – including the AMA, where we practice, what qualifications are required before we are allowed to practice in this County, we now call home.
c. ABC reps then will be given the opportunity to publicly apologize, delete the segment that is insulting to the Filipino-American Community and give us assurances that such an incident will never happen again.
In my humble opinion, legal recourse should only be made if our demands are not met, otherwise I believe that if such action is taken, it most likely will not succeed and people will view us as only looking for monetary reward.
I am copying this e-mail to Dr. P. Chua who was among the very first and most vocal in his concern regarding this indignity that has been brought to us by ABC.
Hernan M. Reyes, MD, FACS

That should teach them to respect the Philippines because we have the best people, the best professionals working all over the world!
Congratulations for being so courageous and firm in your letter!
Suzette G. Wycoco
Brand Manager
Bayer HealthCare
Consumer Care

Dear Dr. Gapultos:
Thank you for sending your letter to ABC. As President of the USTMAAA, you represent a large group of dedicated Physicians in the US and ABC cannot ignore that. Let me know if I can be of some assistance in this matter but you should forge on and be on the forefront on behalf of us all. – Hernan M. Reyes, MD, FACS

Hi, Dante!
Oscar and I are so proud ot your immediate response to this deplorable
incident. I really don’t watch this show though I’ve heard enough about
it from some of our patients who surprisingly reacted quite vehemently
to the comment – it was all over the radio as well. Hopefully we
haven’t heard the last of their apologies yet, stronger ammends should
be in order. Oca & Jannie Villasis-Lopez

Good, Dante. Very good.
Maybe it is better if only the actress is sued. She feels isolated that way and if as you say, she was just reading a script, then let her sing the truth and look like a fool to the rest of the world.-Nancy Padla

i agree. we should buy an ad in a widely circulated newpaper and protest against the snide remark made during that abc program. perhaps oni or hunna can come up with a letter. dante’s letter to abc sounds very good too. Primo Andres

hi Dante,
i am sharing the letter you wrote to the President of
ABC and the CEO of Walt Disney, with my St. Agnes’
Academy egroup. your letter should be disseminated to
a wide audience so it be known to everyone that we in
the medical community are very unhappy with this
racial insult.your letter is well written. thanks for attending to
this in a timely manner. Alexis Munoz-Dasig

Dear Dante:
You should have used the word “…demand….” instead of “…request…” in asking for retraction and in the cancellation or withdrawal of replays. So, sock it to ‘em!!!
Ching San Luis

The better solution would be to speak in the language this actress speak. Why dont we charge her in court for oral defamation and moral damages? makatulong pa tayo nang mahirap sa Pinas? I hope USTMAA will take the initiative. If she apologizes, we are civilized and will take the apology. Pero ang iba, mag-ingat sa atin. -Nancy Padla

Dear Dante
We also signed up in the petition that is presently circulating.Please check your yaho e-mail.Lilibeth sent the e-mail.We will do our part in expresing disgust with regards this matter.Thanks for your concern.
Edgar and Cecille Vallejo

Good job -Dante-Well written.- Anna Maria Santos
Good job doc! Thanks! – Lourdes Cacanindin
Kudos to you Dante! I had forwarded this e-mail to Class 1965 and some
friends from the other classes. – Baby Jaleco