Vol I

Voices From Classmates Vol I

I know that I am going to miss a lot, especially seeing classmates after so many years. Hopefully I can attend the one in the Phil. in December.
I’ll be sending my contribution to the Legacy fund. Thank you for all your effort in spearheading this project.
God bless. –Alfa Bormate-Garcia.

On behalf of my family, would like to again thank your class for the
cash donation you gave from your mutual fund and the prayers too. i
have never known how close you are to each other despite the years
that has passed. your mutual fund for your classmates commendable. i
wish my family could do something in return. all i can give now is
my prayer for everybody. Again, my sincere gratitude to your class.
with every good wish, -ryan mark dunuan ablao (Ryan Mark is Estela Dunuan-Ablao’s son)

Dear Dante,
We had a meeting last Monday at Toots Uylanco’s place in Makati, and finalized our fund raising “bingo extravaganza” with sumptuous dinner and madjong sessions. Most if not all are very eager to join the Las Vegas 35th Coral anniversary. Kindly inform me the duration for each presentation. Btw, you might be interested to watch my TV sitcom “Kami Naman” which is aired globally live at www.untvweb.com, 5am to 7 am Philippine time, every Saturday and Sunday.I have a medical segment (FASTER – First Aid Services and Training for Emergency Response) there which provide helpful tips in emergency situations.
Warm regards, -Mandy Saguin.

Hello. I just want to express my deepest gratitude for the financial
support from the Class 72 Mutual Fund. I would always keep it in my
heart. Again, thank you… Estela Dunuan-Ablao.

May you get well soon. Our most ardent prayers are for you and other classmates who are not well – Dante.

Hello. Actually I am Ryan Mark, Dr. Estela Ablao’s son. I am doing her this favor as there is no internet connection in our hometown, Kiangan, Ifugao, where she works as the Municipal Health Officer. She is here in Manila right now. It was Dr. Cynthia Flores-Fernandez who gave us your class yahoo group. We went to see her recently. I read her your email and she told me what to tell you.
My mom is practicing in the government for almost 27 years. I guess her dedication to her people had kept her in the same position for so long. Her concern for the welfare of the people in our hometown is admirable.
Well, she has 3 children, I being the eldest. Second is Gideon Gabriel and our youngest is Camille Therese.
She wishes to thank you for adding her. And that she hopes she could get in touch with your class. Any info you send thru this email will be forwarded to her. Wish your family is doing well too.
With every good wish.

Serving the people is praiseworthy indeed! I admire your dedication. We miss you Estella! – Dante.

Dear Dante,
I have been in the area since 1985 putting up my own solo practice and have weathered the rigors of this profession. As far as members of class 72 I am not aware of anyone who is settled here in the Pacific Northwest. As always you are an admirable leader and wish to thank you for letter sent the old fashioned way just to get in touch. So long. Manny Posadas.

Thanks for getting in touch, Manny. -Dante.

Dear Dante,
I would like to take this opportunity in extending my deepest gratitude for giving me financial, moral and spiritual support. I’m alone in battling against my affliction since all my children are in the UnitedStates. Although they communicate with me almost everyday. You are really heaven sent together with our other classmates who pioneered the founding of the Sick Benefit Foundation and Mutual Assistance Fund abroad and local respectively whose goal is to help those who are in need of financial support to their illness. Keep up the good work and somebody up there will look down upon you!Sincerely Yours, Carmelita “Chit” Valente-Garduque, M.D.

Chit, you are not alone! You have THE CLASS 72 rooting for your full recovery. You are the embodiment of the virtues of patience, sacrifice, perseverance, endurance, fortitude, and love,. We are praying for you – Dante.

Hi Dante,
This is Perry and Mel (Warren-Dela Cruz). Thanks a lot for the greetings. Mel and I would like to greet you and your beautiful family a very Blessed Christmas too!
I’ve been reading your forwarded e-mails, and your’re doing a wonderful job. Congratulations! For all your efforts, we’ve decided to join you and the rest in Las Vegas in July next year. See you there. -Perry & Mel Warren-de la Cruz.

I am excited to see you and Perry. I am sure our classmates feel the same way. See you in Vegas! –Dante.

Dear Dante,
Thanks for the holiday greetings. We will be e-mailing you our family picture. I will be sending you my pledge soon. Yes I am still practicing OB-Gyn & enjoying it.
Tessie Silverio-Lansang & Joseph Lansang.

Glad to have you on board. Thanks for your generosity. Take care.

Kamusta? It’s nice to hear from you. Merry Christmas din sa inyo lahat. Sa awa nang Dios, buhay pa rin tayo. It’s interesting to know that we have a web-site for our Class 72. I’ll be gald to join you & our classmates next year in Vegas.
– Ossie (Elvis) Diaz.

Keep in touch my friend. Dante.

You have a beautiful family Dante. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Susan Borromeo-Yuson.

They are always my inspiration in life. Merry Christmas to you and your family too. Are you ready to choreograph our Coral Jubilee presentation? We are ready! – Dante.

Dante, its so good to hear from you. I have lost communications from our classmates. Please email me the website for Class 72. thanks, -Don & Grace Zapanta.

Glad to hear from you too. Hope that you attend our next reunion. Log on to our THE CLASS 72 website regularly.-Dante

A Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year to All.- Drs Alex and Grace Alviar. Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All!Drs.
Alex and Grace Alviar.

Dear Dante and Margie,
Your christmas greeting is a most sincere and joyful greeting and I can’t help but to respond to it with equal sincerity and joyfulness in my heart. You and Marge have created a beautiful family (and that is the greatest blessing anyone could ever have!)and my wish for all of you in this merry season of our Sweet Jesus’ birth is……May you and all the members of your created family continue to hold on together and may your happy, intimate relationship with one another transcend all earthly tribulations and be strengthened by the ever presence of the Lord in your hearts! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Always….. Lilian Mendita-Collado.
P.S……I’m sorry I can’t send picture of my own family. Hindi ako marunong maglagay ng picture sa e-mail kasi!

Thanks. You can send it to me by mail. Wala ka nang excuse ngayon.

I also commend and support Dante’s lead in the Med 72 Legacy, the work horse and what will be remembered in the long run. A self contained benefactor with capability to grow. I plan to give my second installment of five and maybe sooner to achieve it’s independence earlier. Any amount is welcome. I am a declared donor but it is the amount that is anonymous for now. I plan to bequeath a modest sum from my estate upon my death. That is if the twins did not get hold of it first.-
Ides Santos.

May we have more kind hearted classmates like you Ides! –Dante.

I wish to thank again our Class of ’72 (Phil and USA groups) for the moral, spiritual and material support. really appreciate all that! I am sure the other recipients or would be recipients of this worthy class project share the same view.
We’ll be home in time for christmas…for that classic pinoy christmas that we all know about! So sorry to those who will miss the festivities but, here is sincerely wishing everybody, Happy Holidays!! –Doy Briones.

May you continue to do well, Doy. It is always a pleasure to serve a fellow classmate and friend. We will always remember you in our prayers. -Dante.

Dear Dan,
Your goal and your mission are truly worthwhile and benevolent. We are in support of you. God speed and God bless.
Best regards, – Ed Santiago.

I treasure your friendship and your support forever!
You are one of the catalyst of this movement. -Dante.

Dear dante,
Your idea is of course wonderful. Let us try/ and hope that many will embrace this cause.I can promise to help you with $1000 when we meet in Dec 2007. -Nancy Padla.

Thanks for your never ending support for the cause!

Dante– Pardon the tardiness of this response to your letter- but it is hectic around here at this time. I received your letter sometime back ALSO and was awaiting a response from my accountant to certain queries as to the best way of handling this tax deduction. He must still be on vacation.
Anyway, I do agree with you as to this class vision regarding a “legacy” and will be doing my part for it. It will probably start next year in incremental donations .
Best regards to all and have a wonderful Holiday Season !
–Charley Berona.

Better late that never. You are just great, Charley! -Dante

I am Laura Pons-Hong from Minnesota. I want to keep up with what’s going on with our class.Thanks for doing the website for our Class of 72. –Laura Pons-Hong. (email to the moderator THE CLASS 72 Website).

Keep in touch by logging more often to our website. It’s nice to be in touch with classmates. – Dante

God bless you for your unique initiative to keep Class ’72 together.
You’re one of a kind!
- Zeny Bruce-Bengzon.

Can’t do it without you! We need your guidance and leadership.

Dear Dante,
Thank you so much for the Birthday greetings. Merry Christmas & All the Best for the Coming Year .
Best regards & hope to see you & Marge in Las Vegas. -Belen Fineza-Gonzales.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. Please keep in touch. -Dante.

Hi Dante,
Just wanted you to know that thru your efforts at updating our email group, I was able to reconnect with Grace Estanislao-Alviar. In fact, she has been helping us secure all the necessary paperwork for our forthcoming medical mission in Laoag this coming February.
Another instance of the marvel of cyberspace! We plan to stop by her adopted hometown of San Fernando, La Union on our way to Ilocos to catch up with each other. Thank you for all your hard work. Best regards, -Alma Cuevas-Horrilleno.

Bring home some pictures! -Dante

hi Dante,
thanks for taking the time to include the pictures of
our classmates. it is always an event for me to see
our dear classmates again, even if only in a photo.
wow, lots of Christmas babies. Happy Birthday to all.
–Alexis Munoz-Dasig.

It is pleasurable and delightful thing for me to do.

It was nice to have a visionary in our midst. Thanks Dante for all your work. I am behind you 100% -Greg Tolentino.

You are one of my role models. –Dante.

Dear Dante,
How nice of you to share everyone’s good cheer and enthusiasm. Thank you for keeping the spirit of love and friendship alive and growing. See you in Las Vegas next year. Is there anything I can do to help plan events, trips etc? There’s tremendous developments in LV. Besides the strip, there’s Las Vegas Lake Resort, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, etc.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. There’s a lot of blessings to thank for.
–Naty Mendoza.

Can’t wait to see you, Naty. Always a pleasure to be of service to THE CLASS 72. Thanks for your never ending support. -Dante

To Dante,
Thank you for your thoughtful remembrance of my birthday. We commend your efforts and kindness in coordinating humanitarian projects for class 72. We look forward to seeing you and your family in Las Vegas. Always,-Andie-Lola Enriquez.

The feeling is mutual. You and Roman still have my vote for the youngest looking classmates. -Dante

This is Rusty your classmate. I’m still here at Medical Center Paranaque, presently the Chief of Clinics. Here are some of my recent pictures. Regards to all.
–Rusty Jimenez.

Who is that chick beside you? – Dante.

Dear Dante,
We are doing great.
Thanks for the work you are doing for class of 72.
Marvelous work! – Resty Monzon.

Thanks. So with your work and commitment to pro-life and family affairs. Together, we will accomplish great things. –Dante.

Hi Dante!
You surely got our attention with that threat! Oscar was afraid you may try to put a photo you could blackmail him with. I am sorry we have been quite detached lately, but thins have somewhat slowed down now and hopefully we can make it to our 2007 reunion. Talk to you soon.
Jannie Villasisis-Lopez & Oca Lopez.

Nice to hear from you again. My eyes moistened when I saw you and your family. You look so great. Hope to see you two in person soon. -Dante.

Hi Dante,
We ought to be talking more frequently considering we live in the same place. Work as usual gets in the way. I just want to commend you for all the good work you are doing for the class. The monthly birthday announcements are great keep up the good work. We will see you in Vegas. - Ed Santiago.

I see you daily on the billboard on my way to work! -Dante.

I just arrived from KL Kuala Lumpur from the FIGO Congress and Zeny Young-Bhatia (from New York) and I were in the same tour group/itinerary. We discussed about the plans of presenting ONE number during the Las Vegas homecoming.
I also told her about the things that transpired during our SFO meeting about our 2 classes adopting only ONE name. There was a suggestion by Primo that we all arrive one day ahead of the rest (June 30 instead of July 1) so that everyone could meet and also practice for our presentation.
– Cynthia Flores-Fernandez.

Share me some pearls you learned. -Dante.

Hi Dante. Great reminder! Thanks. Everybody should be there! We already made our reservations.
Fiona is our angel sent from heaven!! Warmest regards to Margie. Lets keep in touch.
Ching Ojeda-Legarda.

Leaders like you and Mon are indispensable. – Dante

The foundation is a very noble cause. Hopefully, the class will support it and the organization will be done smoothly.
– Cora Aguilar-Veza.

I have received very positive and encouraging feedbacks from our classmates. Thanks for your help and support to this worthy endeavor. -Dante

It’s highly probable we’ll see you in Las Vegas 2007. Thanks. – Zeny Bruce-Bengson & Lody Bengson.

Make it happen. Looking forward to see you. -Dante.

HELLO DANTE AND ALL – It is so nice to feel the energy of the 1972 classes – I do remember Nitz advice of getting ready , way in advance. I know with the great momentum all of you have started, we will have a grand time July 2007.Thanks again. Susan Borromeo-Yuson
Dante How I wish I can be like Andie Lola who manages to look more beautiful thru the years. I’ll try to send you three pictures in an oncoming mail. The first picture, that’s me noong puede pa mag-bikini. I hope napasaya kita ngayon.
Nancy Padla.

I was ecstatic to see your picture. Now, I need to see you in person. -Dante.

Dear Dante:
Thanks for the pictures of the reunion: you must have run out of adjectives to describe the Class! From the looks of the attendees, everyone must have enjoyed the company of themselves. Anyway, next year at LV expect a bigger contingent to attend from RP.
Please get those pictures in hard copy for print in our souvenir program. Our directory is slowly getting more updates as word gets around. Latest e-mail addresses to be added:
-Ching San Luis.

I still have plenty of nice adjectives for THE CLASS 72. I don’t think I will ever run out of it. -Dante

Hi Dante! Your birthday greeting to the Nov celebrants made a hit; made a difference and had good effects. That was indeed a nice and sweet act of concern.
–Ne Rapadas-Batac.

Thanks. It is a pleasure. -Dante

Thanks for sharing the pics. Everybody look so young and prosperous. I missed this gathering but I’ll make it a point to attend the 35th anniversary in Las Vegas and the Philippines. Regards to the family. -Raffy Diokno.

I agree, they look young and prosperous. May I add, Good looking. See you in LV!- Dante.

Enjoyed the pictures – wish I was there – looks like a lot of fun. I have already requested to be off next July 4th for the next reunion. Thanks for sharing those pictures. More power to you.
- Susan Borromeo-Yuson.

Hi Dante, I did receive your letter and commend your enthusiasm regarding the class 72 Legacy but that can wait….. in other words, i am not a surgeon….
…hehehe… Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas season… Alexis Munoz-Dasig.

I am not a surgeon either! -Dante

Dear Dante,
Roman & I are impressed by the commitment and care displayed by you & a group of our classmates. God bless you & your families & please know that we are completely supporting your efforts & great work on behalf of those of us in need. Take care.
- Roman Enriquez & Andie Lola-Enriquez.

Thanks for your support. I need all the help I could muster.

Thanks for the pics. You all look fabulous at the evening events.
- Erlinda Quizon-Dizon.

So do you! -Dante.

Hi Dante, Thank you for your thoughtfulness. How wonderful of you to make everybody feel remembered-especially during birthdays. Warm regards always. –Naty Mendoza.

It is gratifying for me to make everybody remembered on their birthday.-Dante.

Another missed opportunity in San Francisco.
-Dodo Bueno.

Don’t miss it twice! -Dante.

The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. Out of a seemingly sad situation He has brought us together after so many years to share not only our resources with one another, but ourselves as well. May God bless us all.
–Buding Tolentino-Gabriel.

Amen. -Dante

My apo is Carmen Isabel P. Reyes born Jan 11. Thanks.
– Toots Uylanco-Pabalan.

How adorable she is! -Dante.

Thanks for the E- Mail Address and beautiful pictures.
Rey Cordero.

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures.They speak for themselves.Bad news though. My computer bagged down and if I don’t respond to mails, its because I have to use my friends computer. I tried going to an internet cafe, but it did not work either.Whatever our class plans, you know very well I will cooperate.
-Nancy Padla.

Have your computer fixed, otherwise you will miss awfully a lot of happenings. – Dante.

Thank you so much for sharing the photos taken during the most recent Class ’72 reunion in SF. Everybody looked so beautiful and happy. -Naty Mendoza.

It is a pleasure. -Dante.

great pictures! Dodo Bueno.

Thanks for the priceless picture memories from San Francisco. As you know, I wished I were there. But, we will make up for it in Las Vegas next year.- Ed Santiago.

Priceless memories too. See you next reunion. -Dante.

Hi Dante,
Thanks for all your support even if you can’t make it to Chicago this Sunday. It might just be
good to put several heads together to factor in all ideas for our draft. Imee and I will do some cooking. Best regards, -Eleonor Mendoza-Gonzales.

Count me in. It is my desire to be of service to our classmates.

Hi Dante,
Nice photos, wish I had been there too… but next year….for sure.
-Alma Cuevas-Horrilleno.

Looking forward to see you again. -Dante.

Love those pictures – thank you so much. Many thanks for your leadership and all your great ideas and initiatives. Dante, send me a map of Alabama and show me where you live. I live in Clemmons, North Carolina. -Susan Borromeo- Yuson.

Your contribution to Class 72 is immeasurable. I live in latitude 368, platitude 169, South of Dixie. – Dante.

Thank you again for a rare glimpse of the function and the few people I have not seen for a long time. Everybody were very photogenic. Everybody were having fun it seems. What’s with the fare between Alabama and San Francisco? Aside from Cynthia, who else came from the Philippines? God Bless. Ides Santos.

Having fun is an understatement. We had a blast! – Dante.

Hi Dante,
Thanks for the updated directory- one good question- how many do you think actually open, read and connect? Sayang, it would be a huge success if all of us are cyber connected!! Warm regards. – Ching (Ojeda-Legarda)

We will keep on trying to be cyber-net connected! -Dante.

Dear Dante, Those are very nice pictures! I like the one you took of Rey Cordero with Cyn! Show us more pictures taken during the reunion ! Take care & best regards, -Jun Beato.

I will post all pictures in our web site for everybody to see.

Dante, You are doing a good job investing time to write long letters to the group is indeed appreciated. Suggestion: hope we can have a website for class 72. Til next time carry on…..Alexis Munoz-Dasig.

Yes Alexis, your wish came true! We do have our website now!

A full tank of gas ——- VERY EXPENSIVE
Driving for Ms. Margie —– AN HONOR
Seeing a co- intern ______ PRICELESS -Col Jose Benavides Bueno, M.D.

Very Funny.- Dante

Dear Dante,
All the good looking ones coming together. What are the odds, what are the odds? Hello to Ramon, Primo, Baby, and Sylvia. Miss Philippines is not the only photogenic one.
-Ides Santos.

Yes they are good looking. -Dante.

Thanks for the time and for what you are doing. Congratulations for a marvellous homecoming of class 72 in San Francisco. My sister and brother in law were there – Dr. Norman (Class 1976) and Grace Gonzaga (Class 1977). Saw the pictures of our classmates. All are in their right attire and smile. –Resty Monzon.

Looking forward to meet the FMS Dean, Dr Grace Garayblas-Gonzaga.

The pictures are soooo nice and very clever footnotes.I am proud to be your friend.
Take care…
Boy and Jean de Guzman.

Thanks so much. It is a blessing that you and Jean are my friends.

Hello Dante,
I hope you made it safe trip back home. I want to reiterate our heartfelt thanks for the catfish. We will surely enjoy them . we appreciate having you in Cleveland. Hopefully next time will not be as dramatic. God bless and take care! – Walter & Lilia Lucas.

When are you coming to visit us in Alabama? Hope you come and experience the Hospitality of the South.- Dante.

Dear Dante,
Please do plan on visiting us one of these days. You are welcome to stay at the Castro Hotel. It’s just Raffy & myself, now that the kids are all on their own. –Raffy & Nancy Castro.

Oh, we just love to see you up there.- Dante.

Dear Dante,
What date is the Grand Reunion in the Phil? I will re-adjust my trip to attend the reunion if I can. We will plan to come to the Coral Jubilee in Las Vegas in July 2007.
Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.
Rolly de Goma.

I promise you, you will be a celebrity when you and Vicky come to our reunion! – Dante.

I attended Fr. Lana’s retirement dinner when I went home where I met with Cynthia (who I think is the president of the USTMAA in the Phil). I will see Mario on Tuesday and ask him about UST matters.
By the way, I need your snail mail address so I can send you a check for our funds.
God willing I might be able to attend the 2007 reunions both in LV and Manila.
God Bless! –Jess Aguas.

How slow could your mail be? Heh, heh, heh. Dante.

Thanks very much Dante! -Grace Estanislao-Alviar.

You are welcome.- Dante

Hi Dante,
How’s everything. Hope and your family are well.
Take care. – Al Sim.

We are doing very well. Thanks for asking.-Dante.

Dear Dante,
Sorry I just had my pc running only this past 2 days. I hope it’s not too late and it’s the only picture worth sending. Thanks for the greetings.
Best Regards, - Benj Bangahan

Any update of you picture is worth sending. Thanks. -Dante.

Great job, suggestion need to touch up the pictures we are getting YOUNGER like a vintage wine. –
Rey Cordero.

I have my Adobe Photoshop work overtime.- Dante.

I am glad my wife Patricia and I could help somewhat. I was very excited when I heard of the reunion form Dodo and was anticipating to join. I am still in full time practice in anesthesiology with a HMO here in what used to be rural Fontana, Southern California and am eagerly anticipating retirement. And it is a nice band of classmates that we have! Regards with prayers. –Charley Berona.

Thanks for your generous help. Indeed, we have a nice band of classmates. –Dante.

You are funny! I definitely agree with Rick Balitaan.
Best regards. – Walter Lucas.

The Phantom strikes again? –Dante.

Hedy & I hope to be there in Las Vegas in July. I would like very much if our class can have a day on our own when we are there.
Jun Anastacio.

Remember you are the defending Alumni King! Watch out for Dodo Bueno! –Dante.

Dear Dante,
Will make kulit to Raffy. I know he has been reading your e-mails. Too busy or lazy to reply. -Nancy Castro.

Like a good wife would do. Thanks Nancy. –Dante.

Hi Dante,
Thank you for the pictures. Looks like Raffy & I miss some heavy-duty fun time.
Jess Aguas was here for the weekend attending a conference. We met him today for a quick lunch before his flight to LA.
Take care & regards to Margie.
Hopefully we will see you all next year in Vegas. Take care – Raffy & Nancy Castro.

We will be there! -Dante.

Good job with the pictures of our classmates. With regards. Cecille Bayes-Vallejo.

Thanks. The class needs your inspiration and leadership more than ever.-Dante.

dear dante,
thanks for taking some of your time to write me and ask for the my latest pic and info about my family.
i have a confession to make-i don’t know how to send the pics by email.all i know is open my mail and reply;other than that i would need the help of my son whom i see mostly in the evening or late night.sorry but these things were “not taught”in medical school hehe.
thanks again.God Bless you and ust med class’72.
sincerely, -daisy quiblat-malig(sectiond-D2).

You can mail it to FC Gapultos, M.D. 321 High Pine Dr. Russellville, AL 35654. Thanks.- Dante.

Then if my other classmates wants to know especially Ides Santos…
tell him Lilia is the official and my only spouse! Walter Lucas. (E-mail to THE CLASS 72 website moderator.)

No comment.- Dante.

Dear Dante , Hello from San Antonio, Texas. Please help me to register in The Class 72 website. Thanks a lot & regards - Jun Beato.

Hi Jun! -Dante

Class of 72 is simply the best! Is this enough to join? Thanks. E-mail to Website moderator. -Jose(Boy) de Guzman.

I agree 110%. –Dante.

Oh thank you Dante. That was nice of you. Happy holidays to all. – Mones Santos.

All your pics look great. You are photogenic on all angles.-Dante.

Presently I am still teaching in UST under the departments of Physiology, Pharmacology and also in Medicine. I’m however beginning to feel the creeping in of age and would like to enjoy doing non-medical things. I’m obsessed to finish my English-Bahasa Sug (my dialect) dictionary, and do literary writings about my place and people in corroboration with other Tausug professionals in UP and other schools. Thanks for the kind words. Regards to your family – Benj Bangahan.

More power to you, Professor! -Dante.