Vol II

Voices From Classmates Vol II

Dear Dante:
If there should be one whom the Class should put into its pedestal by bringing people together, it is no other than you!
Mabuhay ka! –Ching San Luis

You’re welcome. Always happy to do it. Applauds all your effort. We truly, truly captured those moments. God bless us all with our continued journey and friendship.
Best regards, -Walter Lucas

Dear Dante,
You have put a lot of work for USTMAA. That is great that we have classmates like yourself with such dedication. I hope all is well with you, Margie, your children and grandchildren.
My youngest, Emil, is a first year cardiology fellow at Stanford where he was also chief resident last year. He has 2 more years to go. Vicki and I plan to spend more time in the Phil in the near future.
With warm regards, -Rolly de Goma

Dear Dante,
Thank you very much. You have an impressive communications network.
Yes I have visited our website and seen our pictures. I even remarked to Ira that we have to look good whenever you are around, you being the roving photographer and master creator of the UST MD ’72 on-line family album. Thank you for all the efforts you have put on the website; it is an excellent means of communication to all.
Regards to the family. -Menchit (Borja Yudis)

Hello, Dante. Good day to you and regards to all our batchmates there in the States. Here are my recent pictures for our souvenir photofolio that you and Ching San Luis are preparing. Am so grateful to you for all the news and pictures which brought lots of happy and pleasant memories. So glad to see my former classmates again, even just in pictures. Guess we are all senior citizens now but glad to know that “matitibay pa rin” and the female classmates,”may asim pa” and from the looks, “wala pang amoy lupa”. Ha ha ha ha. In a few days from government service and maybe, just maybe, will be able to visit former classmates staying in Manila and there in your land of milk and honey.
Love you, guys……Tony Victor

Dear Dear Dante, Cyn, Bebay & all class mates:
So, a community to be called the UST Medicine Class 1972 GK Community!!! What a fitting tribute to our Class sense of Social Responsibility. As we look forward to our Ruby Jubilee in 2012.
But charity begins at home as the saying goes. Right within our backyard, we have those in need of support. We have sick classmates whose needs for medical therapies are enormous.
This is our Class’ Epiphany!!! Its manifestation of solidarity with those marginalized and afflicted. The spirit of Togetherness in good times and in bad times. There is perhaps no better legacy that we can leave our children, and our Alma Mater, than the compassion that we have all been sensitized to as Thomasians.
Regards to one and all. –Ching San Luis.

Dear Dante,
Thank you for putting together this nostalgic collection of our past reunions. I am sure it was a labor of love. See you in Vegas. –Alma Cuevas Horilleno.

Dear Dante:
If there is one who should be given thanks, it is you. For you have galvanized the Class into action more than words, and results more than promises.
The Coral Jubilee celebrations in Las Vegas and in Manila, as well as those little get-togethers we have here and there when someone is in town or when passes thru a city, are the fuel that keeps the fire of camaraderie and fellowship among all of us burning.
As we look forward to our Ruby Jubilee (and beyond), may our classmates find the bonding getting stronger and irresistible. May the yearning for each other’s – and one another’s – company grow with the passage of time and stoked by the photos you have been taking and contributed by others. Those who have not been with us in our reunions and homecomings — for one reason or another — will find some empty spot somewhere in their lives. We hope that these spots diminish in time and become covered by the timelessness of the photographs that document these events. Continue to serve as their surrogate eyes and ears. In the fullness of time, we shall meet somewhere, sometime, in the grandest of homecoming and you will be there as our Class Chronicler.
Happy New Year!!! -Ching San Luis

Hi everyone,
It was so much fun to feel like a young med student again with my
friends for life, even for only a short while. We should do this
again. Soon!
Betsy did’nt give her daughters email address. Please, someone, make
sure she sees this. Likewise for Ricky.
I still think he sees more than we think. Thanks again ricky. You are
Therese sends her best to all.
Peace and joy for the yuletide – Dick Estacio

Dear Dante,
Congratulation to a job well done. We are on our way to be at par or better with the most charitable of the Med Graduates. Good show at Las Vegas.< strong speech, proactive and delivered very well with a lot of substance. More power. More reflections later. Ides Santos

Thanks for this email and the updates on the recent reunion. Cecille is doing a great job and I hope her call for support of all our projects will gain ears on those who have so far BEEN INACTIVE. THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL PICTURES. Nancy Padla

Dear Dante,
Thanks for all the help and warm reception you accorded me.
I really enjoyed being with you guys and congrats for a very successsful congress.
I re-activated my rsdrbones@yahoo.com to keep in touch with you.
Btw, you can see me everyday Mon-Fri at www.untvweb.com Kaagapay, a public service TV program aired 7-8pm(Phil Time) and also Sat and Sun, 5-7am-Kami Naman
Regards to the family. Mandy Saguin.

Dear President Dante,
Thank you very much for sharing this with us and most specially, many thanks for taking care of Mandy. He came home complete and brought home many gifts for me and my son. That’s the very nice part. Congratulations for a successful reunion. From Mandy’s story, the event was well organized. Best regards, Peachie Saguin

Dear Dante,
You amaze me. How can you do all this e mails and still have a busy practice and family life?
I am sure you are happy because it is paying up. I have never seen as much people give.
Cora Aguilar-Veza.

Hi Dante,
It was a nice reunion and we are all proud of your commitment to this lofty endeavor of ours. It was also a pleasure to see your cute grandson. Mones Santos.

Dear Dante and Marge,
Please allow us to hug you by email as an expression of our gratitude .
The reunion was truly fun and memorable. How I wished it would have been longer.
I thought that’s the reason why Casinos does not have clocks!
We all could have danced and reminisced all night. Our loving thoughts were also with those
not present.
The renewed friendship and togetherness amongst your
class was just spectacular. We are all so blessed to have each other.
Truly a one big family. “and the population growing” ” I’ll have my own washing machine”
Lovingly, Walter & Lilia Lucas.

Hi Dante,
The reunion and the camaraderie we had was both enjoyable and memorable. The distance we travelled just to be with you guys was well worth it. And you’re correct, the time was too short to enjoy each other’s company. How we wished we could’ve stayed longer with all of you. Anyway, hope to see you and the rest in Manila for the homecoming. Have a good one!
Perry and Mel Warren-de la Cruz.

Hi Dante,
When I left the Phil. I really had the intention of seeing you guys in Las Vegas, this Cynthia Flores-Fernandez knew right from the start. But unfortunately, my daughter-in-law,( as well as my son who were supposed to be there too, being their 10th ), went on premature labor, so we decided to cancel our trip to las vegas.
I will see you guys in Manila in December for the homecoming. Presently, I am here with my son in Yuma, Arizona. he is a practicing interventional cardiologist here. I will be going back home next month.
I will give my share for our 1972 funds to Cynthia when I see her.
See you in December………Ruth Villanueva-Gutierrez.

Congrats for a very successful and enjoyable Coral Jubilee reunion.
Hoping to see you in Manila this December. Toots Uylangco-Pabalan.

Thanks Dante for sending all those pictures hopefully next year i can attend all our reunion as my immigrant appication for Canada is under process after my son petitioned me.Right now I am still here in Jeddah Saudi Arabia but I will be in Manila God willing by December and January and I would like to know who among our classmates would be in Mamila by Deeember or January so I can meet them too.Regards to everybody and Hasta la vista. Willie Dayak-Victor.

Thank you, Dante, for the wonderful time we had in Las Vegas. It was nice to see you and the rest of our friends who were able to make it to the reunion. Congratulations and good luck with your continuing work. May you have bountiful blessings for all the good and selfless work you do.
I enjoyed looking at the pictures in our class website. Everybody looked so nice and happy.
Warm regards always, -Naty Mendoza-Tielens.

hi Dante,
WOW! everybody looking good. winner: Naty Mendoza has
kept her girlish looks and Boy de Guzman, his boyish
figure and looks. Dante, you are a very close second
to Boy. he won by ….a smidgen!…hehehe Alexis Munoz-Dasig.

Dear Dante:
Thanks for the birthday notice for the month of July. But who in the world is that face beside my Thomasian graduation picture?
Eden Nuval.

Hi! Pls let me know how i can get the DVD reunion. Thanks! Regards!
Vicky Hernandez-de Jesus.

Finally was able to see the CD you sent. Well done. It accomplished it’s intended goal — evoked/jarred nostalgic pleasant and mischievous memories of those years spent with a group of smart and talented but young people! See you all in Las Vegas !! Charley Berona.

Dear Dante & Margie
Got your DVD Video and it is so nice. Have to show it to my friends here. Just talk to Rey Mariano and he is coming to our reunion together with his wife Vergie and that of Mandy Saguin. We will surely have a good time. Take care and God bless. Ping Labayo.

Dear Dante,
Thank you for the DVD. Raffy & I watched it last night. Brought back memories of the reunion in Chicago with Nitz at the helm. We miss her.
We congratulate you on your hard work on this project & putting together the ’72 website. Good job!!
I finally was able to rob a bank & will send you our donation to the Class Legacy. Mahirap na palang mag rob ng bangko ngayon dahil walang pera ang mga bangko dito. What I found out was most of the Illinois banks’ money are being transferred to the Alabama banks. Ha! ha!
Have a happy 4th. Warmest regards, – Nancy & Raffy Castro.

Hi Dante,
A check is on the way from us. Plus another stork too. Someone is considering or giving in!
We will see. I’ll show you how to do the kick ball change and Marge to kick under IT (Argentine flicks) if you have not learned it yet. This will really be hilarious!
Start some stretching exercises. My medical mission in Isabela is September 2008.
I have two big competitions coming up. I still have to have to work.
I am still not sure. -Walter Lucas.

Marlene and I were able to get someone to cover for us and so we will be able to attend the reunion in Las Vegas this July. Please e-mail to me ASAP the program of activities. We are more interested in the CME meeting and our own class party. Thank you. –Larry Rosales & Marlene Chaneco-Rosales.
Thank you. We have registered for the CME and the dinner/dance party on July 4th. I sent an e-mail to Cecille but she has not responded yet. There are no more rooms available at the Wynn so we will be staying at the Venetian. The DVD was nicely done. See you in Las Vegas.
-Larry Rosales.

Dear Dante,
Thanks for all the info and the dedication.
Unfortunately, we could not make it to Vegas. I know we will have a successful and memorable reunion. Dean Grace Gonzaga from the FMS, will, of course be there to represent the University.
I understand many of us from Manila are coming to the grand reunion.
It should be a once in a lifetime gathering, showcasing class of 72 talents.
An event magnifique, we could imagine. But most of us who will miss the show, will get a good “review” and photos from your regular news and also news from the good people of Manila.
Have a rowdy reunion. Resty Monzon.

Hi Dante,
Yes I received the DVD and thanks a lot for sharing it.Took a peak into our website and it looks great. It’s a matter of using it now. – Raffy Diokno.

hi DANTE- THANKS FOR ALL YOUR COMMUNICATIONS- Can’t wait to see you and all our classmates a nd of course to meet your dear apo Alex, as you will meet our joy, Fiona James Rose (I’m just incidental!) We’ll just catch up on everything in LV. – Ching Legarda.

Dear Dante give us DVD of Susan, Please. The Reunion DVD is one of a kind. I was able to name 35% and about as many at the tip of my tongue. Hope to improve this this comming reunion. Waly, Troy, Mandy, it’s getting better! – Ides Santos.

hi from baguio. congratulations for all your dedication to the success of the forth coming reunion. hope we can attending future ones. good luck and may GOD bless you always and our family.
- Maryjean Magaro.

I know that I am going to miss a lot, especially seeing classmates after so many years. Hopefully I can attend the one in the Phil. in December.
I’ll be sending my contribution to the Legacy fund. Thank you for all your effort in spearheading this project.
God bless. –Alfa Bormate-Garcia.

Dear Dante,
Thank you for the dvd. You are right. Watching it brought tears to my eyes. It’s wonderful to see everybody so happy, so beautiful, so healthy. See you soon in Vegas! Naty Mendoza.

Dear Dante,
Thanks for the DVD. Whoever put it together did a good job. Hopefully there will be more reunions to be recorded and shared. Regards, Tessie Silverio-Lansang.

hi dante, happy easter. long time no see and no hear pati.am sending pics of myself, with george my hubby of 30 years(hurray he lasted that long), my entire kaboodle and that of my one and only apo(how’s that for population explosion). have retired from private practice july 2003 and am now back to my beautiful city by the sea.do you still remember the boulevard of broken dreams? my days in dumaguete are actually busier now that people know i don’t have to go to any clinic.am involved with our local women’s center wherein we rescue battered housewives and daughters from their kampon ni satanas husbands and fathers respectively. every 2nd and 4th thursday of the month i go over to the senior citizen’s center to give lectures on eye diseases and it’s preventive measures followed by free consultation and treatment using whatever free samples i can make dukot from the med reps. however at present most of my waking time is spent campaigning for AKAPIN a partylist for PWD(person with disability) to have representation in congress.nakakaiyak that our esteemed tongressmen and senators don’t give a hoot about our filipino PWDs. i’d like to take this opportunity to ask our classmates to please disseminate to their relatives and friends here in ‘pinas to vote on may 14,2007 for AKAPIN partylist. may the good LORD keep us all healthy, wealthy and wise. pag-ayo-ayo dante ug hangtod sa sunod natong pagkita. toni perdices-templo.

I am so sorry to have answered so late. I have been busy with my new daily tv show, that I have missed opening emails, thou my wife have informed me about it. Apart from my early morning show every Saturday and Sunday, I was a given a show, titled Kaagapay, aired from Monday to Friday. from 630pm to 730 pm, Philippine time. My co host is Connie Angeles. Our website wwwuntvweb.com
Warmest regards, Doc Mandy Saguin

Yes Mandy is a celebrity now. He’s well known not only as an orthopedic surgeon but a tv host in the daily show KAAGAY with Connie Angeles, not to mention his show every Saturday and Sunday, KAMI NAMAN.
I will not be joining Mandy in this trip, so he can fully enjoy the company of his friends without having to worry about me. I do hope thou that someday I will have the opportunity to meet the President he spoke so highly of . Sincerely, Peachie Saguin (Spouse of Mandy)

This is Lilia for Walter(Lucas)
We received the dance and reunion DVD. Sorry we will not be able to join the dance formation.
Sayang. Some family obligation in Vegas. Walter wants to play Bruno or Len Goodman
to Dante. Ha,ha…
I’ve been making coral colored satin bow ties and ( handkerchief ???) for Mar,Virgilio and Walt.
I’ll say okey Mar and VD, here it is but be a legacy donor. Some idea. I could make Dante a coral boxer short so when he kick it will show. Joke. Problem is I don’t see high rondes and kicks like he mentioned.
I am just excited for all you. I can’t wait to see you guys.
I hope most would just come and enjoy. This is what Walter keeps telling me.
Enjoy and have fun! The reunion DVD is just great!
What a fine job and dedication put in. See you in Vegas.

hi dante im interested in joining the dance. thanks, -ronnie opida.