The logo of THE CLASS 72 portrays Aesculapeus, the symbol of Medicine, casting a shadow that conforms 72. 1972 was the year when two Classes, Interns & Clerks graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery. The 600 plus strong doctors of Medicine served their profession worldwide from Ilocos far north, to Cotabato, far south in the Philippines; from Europe to Africa; from the West Coast in California, to the East Coast in North Carolina, United States of America. The long and winding pathways are listed, the towns and cities where the alumni come from, all converging to the Alma Mater.

Many years have passed since April 15, 1972. We have been blessed with prosperous careers and generous opportunities, and have seen our dreams come true. Our success has been directly related to the generosity of UST Faculty of Medicine & Surgery. It is now time for us to return the generosity. This is what the logo symbolizes.

The class logo was designed by Dante V. Lerma, M.D. (CLASS 83)
Ching San Luis gave us the permission to use The Class 72 logo on our website and other official functions.