USTMAAAF Track Record

The track record of USTMAAAF in distributing its interest earnings since 1992

To date the organization has already distributed a total of $1,163,773
    (Time, talent, and treasure donated not included)

Itemized distributions:

Building improvements and renovations ——————- $478,000
  (Cardiac cath lab, Aquinas reserach Center,
   Med auditorium, research bldg, Med lobby, Hosp wards
   ER and OR)
Scholarship Grants —————————————–$140,000
St Dominic Scholarship (need based), Cucanes Scholarship
Tau Mu Sigma Phi grants, USTMAA Philippines
Faculty Development Program ——————————–$112,000
Fellowship training, Teacher of the Year Awards,
Attendance Congress of Asian Medical Education.
Medical Missions——————————————–$ 65,673
   Save a Sight, Save a Heart, Annual Medical Missions
Indigent Patient Care ————————————–$ 87,000
   Community Outreach
Gawad Kalinga, Gawad Kalusugan————————–$140,000
The Class 72 M A F —————-$10,000
Education & Research —————————————$ 53,000
Donations of Goods and Supplies —————————-$ 81,000
   (Ambulance, 22 seater minibus for med student transport,
    Anesthesia machine, Computers)