A Plea & A Prayer. Alexis Munoz-Dasig

Let Us Act On Our Prayers And Paint
A Rainbow For Our Friends

We pray and continue to pray in the hope that we find a way to help our classmates and their loved ones recover from the devastation of illness. In some ways, we have signs that God is answering our prayers sinceour sick classmates are still with us and UST Medical
School Class’72 Sick Benefit Foundation became a reality however fledgling.

What happens then when God answers our prayers? This is the question asked by Evelyn Christenson in her book titled, “When God Answers Our Prayers,” and from the foreword of the book, Charles Colson answers: “It opens a door, it shows us a way.”

“What happens when we walk in the door and discovers that the Master of the universe is speaking to us and directing us, making demands of us.”

From Evelyn herself:

“When God answers a prayer, it is not the final closing curtain on an episode in our lives. Rather, it is the opening of the curtain to the next act. The most important part of prayer is what we do with God’s answer and how this answer affects us.”

Father Roderick Salazar, SVD, president of University of San Carlos, a classmate of mine, I am proud to say, writes,”God never intends that an answer to a prayer be an end in itself. He expects much more than anemotional response. He expects us to be prepared to act…or to be acted upon by His answer to our prayer.”

Fr. Roderick goes on to write: “There was a man walking by the seaside where lots of starfish were stranded. This man picked up the starfish, one starfish at a time and proceeded to throw it back to
the sea. People saw what he was doing and commented that there is so much starfish, this man’s act will not make a difference. Without missing a beat, the man continued throwing the starfish back to where it belonged and while throwing one starfish back to the sea he said,’IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO THAT ONE.’”

He continues, “We may ask, what difference does an act of kindness to a person in need make to a world-wide, nation-wide population of people in need of help? We may not say it but what we do or not do surely makes a difference to the person in front of us. It makes a
difference to the person beside us.”

“One by one, one act at a time, whatever we choose to do is the answer to our prayers. We either act on it or we don’t. Many of us are doing what we can, where we can. Each act is a color of the rainbow giving hope to the world, where we are, where we can.”

The letters from our classmates, the letters from their children and the letters from their loved ones are testimonies to the fact that SBF however fledgling, is a source of color to the lives of our
sick friends and their love ones who unfortunately at this moment are experiencing a time of darkness. Let us then make the effort to paint that rainbow for our sick friends one color at at time, one act of kindness at a time, one act of generosity little by little at a time, how much we can, from where we are.

God never intends that an answer to prayer be an end in itself. he expects much more than an emotional response…joy, disappointment or anger….to His answer. he expects us to be prepared to act or to be acted upon by his answer to our prayer.

Alexis Munoz-Dasig