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A Resolution Passed by USTMAAA & FOUNDATION BOARD on their Fall Meeting at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. November 10, 2007. RE: ABC’s Desperate Housewives racial insult against Philippine Medical Graduates.
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Whereas, The Filipino physicians in America constitute a least 25% of all medical practitioners in the United States, serving both the rural and urban communities: and

Whereas, The University of Santo Tomas is the oldest Catholic, Royal and Pontifical University in the world, predating Harvard University, and

Whereas, The Philippine medical graduates practicing in the United States, had all undergone stringent screening and qualifying examinations prior to entering the United States for post graduate training or medical practice. The majority of the physicians are Board certified in their specialties and subspecialties.  Many are recognized nationally and internationally for their significant contributions in education, research and clinical service; and

Whereas, The ABC/Disney Productions’ episode of Desperate Housewives which is aired September 30, 2007 seriously maligned the graduates of Philippine Medical School. In this particular episode, Teri Hatcher playing Susan, was told by her gynecologist that she was menopausal. She responded by saying,
“OK, before we go any further, can we check this diplomas just to make sure that they aren’t from some medical schools from the Philippines; and

Whereas, This statement is totally insensitive, unfounded, unfair and slanderous. It has seriously injured and denigraded the integrity and reputation of the Philippine medical graduates; and

Whereas, This malicious statement, born of ignorance in the significant contributions of the Filipino physicians in the United States, has negatively impacted the medical practice especially amongst the newly established practitioners and physicians in training; and

Whereas, The healthcare personnel in most hospitals throughout the USA is representedby a significant number of Philippine graduates, which include staff and consulting physicians, nurses, rehab therapists and medical technologists; and

Whereas, The apology statement released by the ABC-Disney is deemed to be hollow, insincere and not well disseminated to the general public; therefore be it

• That a sincere, genuine apology from ABC-Disney be publicly aired as soon as possible.

• That ABC-Disney Productions involve their producers, directors, actors and all other staff in sensitivity training, cultural awareness and education in the richness that can be found in diversity, to prevent a similar occurrence of such an unfortunate incident.

• That the medically oriented ABC-Disney Production shows depict a true representation of the medical personnel in most hospitals now as well as in skilled nursing facilities, home health care services, which would include a significant number of caring, hardworking Filipino nurses, respected physicians in the medical staff, rehab therapists and dedicated medical technologists in various services.

• That ABC-Disney Productions recognize and acknowledge the positive impact and huge contributions of the Filipino medical practitioners in the United States for more than 50 years.


F.C. Dante Gapultos, Jr., M.D.
President, USTMAAA

Primo A. Andres, M.D.
President, USTMAAA Foundation