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The Class 72 Legacy



The Class 72 Interns Legacy was the brainchild of our late classmate Nitz Mempin-Marino and a handful of our Class leaders. This legacy was established in the Memorial Weekend May of 1997 during our Silver Anniversary Homecoming which was celebrated at the Marriott Marquis, New York City. The Class 72 Interns Legacy Fund operates under the auspices of USTMAA in America Foundation, Inc.

Ten years later, in the early months of 2007, Dante Gapultos who was then the President of USTMAA in America, took steps to reactivate this charitable movement which had been cut short because of the untimely death of Nitz. A goal has been set to raise $250,000.00 by the time we celebrate our Ruby Jubilee in 2012.

To date (August, 2012), the principal sum of $125,400.00 has been collected. From these principal funds, 80% of the interest money has been disbursed as follows:
• 2008: $4,000 grant to the FMS Dean’s Students’ Shared Trust Fund
(i.e. book scholarship)
$1,000 grant to the Class 72 Intern’s Sick Benefit
• 2009: No interest accumulated.
• 2010: $3,200 gift to Students’ Shared Trust Fund
The Total interest from the principal sum that has been disbursed:

The purpose of the Class 72 Legacy Fund is to return a portion of what we have received through virtue of our world class education at University of Santo Tomas back to our Alma Mater, particularly to FMS and its Hospitals. This Legacy can be successful in the establishment of an enduring gift in the form of scholarships, research, faculty development, post graduate training, care of the indigent patients, and the championing of charitable endeavors.

Several of our classmates have stepped up to the call for contributions in a very generous manner. Through the benevolence of classmates such as Jun Anastacio, Jun Agbunag, Cora Aguilar-Veza, Charley Berona, Raffy Diokno, Danny Dona, Hector Marino, Ed Santiago, Mones Santos, Ides Santos, Tessie Silverio-Lansang, and Mimi Villanueva-Dejarme the Legacy continuous with these being classified as Sampaguita I Level donors. Many others are catching up. See other magnanimous donors and the Level of Giving listed below.

One outstanding example of selfless giving is Jun Anastacio. Jun practices and resides in Canada and started donating $100.00 each month via a charge to his credit card. He has donated in excess of $3,700. Since he lives in Canada there is no income tax deduction for his gift!

There are many outstanding pledges to our Class 72 Intern’s Legacy Fund. These pledges are greatly needed. If you have not yet fulfilled your pledge please take time to do so now. If you have not yet contributed, please join your classmates in making our Legacy truly representative of our entire class.



Updated July 8, 2012
(The reactivated Class 72 Interns Legacy/USTMAAA Foundation Fund spearheaded by Dante Gapultos)

SAMPAGUITA II ($10,000 and above)
Dante & Margie Gapultos (Alabama)$11,000.00

SAMPAGUITA I ($5,000 and above)

Romulo “Jun” & Hedy Anastacio (Canada) $5,000.00
Rodrigo “Jun” & Melody Agbunag (Florida) $5,000.00
Cora Aguilar-Veza (Kentucky) $5,000.00
Charley & Trish Berona (California) $5,000.00
Raffy Diokno (Illinois) $5,000.00
Danny & Lourdes Dona (Michigan) $5,000.00
Hector & Salvy Marino (Illinois) $5,000.00
Ed & Lenee Santiago (Alabama) $5,000.00
Mones Santos (New York) $5,000.00
Ides & Anna Maria Santos (Alabama) $5,000.00
Tessie & (Joseph) Silverio-Lansang (New York) $5,000.00
Mimi & (Percy) Villanueva-Dejarme (Georgia) $5,000.00

WALING-WALING ($4,000 and above)

ROSAL ($3,000.00 and above)

Marlene Chaneco-Rosales (New York) $3,000.00
Beth & (Robert) Garcia-McCoy (Idaho) $3,500.00
Larry Rosales (New York) $3,000.00

ILANG-ILANG ($2,000 and above)

Glo & (Sam) Ang-Fonte (California) $2,500.00
Elisa & (Lovie) Boma-Garcia (Kentucky) $2,000.00
Jose “Dodo” & Loweeh Bueno (California) $2,000.00
Rey & Marlene Cordero (California) $2,000.00
Walter & Lilia Lucas (Ohio) $2,000.00
Anonymous (California) $2,000.00

CALACHUCHI ($1,000 and above)

Jorge & Josie Barlin III (New York) $1,000.00
Cynthia Dancel-Villasis (Pennsylvania) $1,000.00
Billy & Betty Gernale (Texas) $1,000.00
Jose “Boy” & Jean de Guzman (Arizona) $1,000.00
Roman & Andie Lola-Enriquez (Kansas) $1,000.00
Bobby & Emily de Leon (Michigan) $1,000.00
Jose “Ping” & Josie Labayo (Indiana) $1,000.00
Rosabella & (Nes) Montes-Fenol (Indiana) $1,000.00
Nancy Padla (Germany) $1,000.00
Mike & Rosel de Perio (California) $1,000.00
Greg & Melinda Tolentino (Illinois) $1,000.00
Edgar & Cecille Bayes-Vallejo (New Jersey) $1,030.00
Henry Villasis (Pennsylvania) $1,000.00

KAMPUPOT (Less than $1,000)

Cristy & (Joseph) Alcid-Bumatay (New York) $500.00
Ossie & Florence Diaz (New York) $250.00
Oca & Jannie Villasis-Lopez (Alabama) $200.00
Vir & Fe Lopez (Illinois) $250.00
Laura & (Lito) Pons-Hong (Minnesota) $100.00
Ernie & Connie Tan (Illinois) $300.00

TOTAL CURRENT $106,600.00

(Class 72 Interns Legacy/USTMAAA Foundation Fund spearheaded by the late Nitz Mempin-Marino 1997)

$1,000 and above
Blanca & (Vic) Alvero-Tan (NY) $1,500.00
Rolly & Vicky de Goma (NJ) $1,500.00
Ely Mendoza-Gonzales (IA) $1,500.00
Richelle de Guzman (NJ) $1,500.00
Ed & Lenee Santiago (AL) $1,500.00
Hermogenes “Mones” Santos (NY) $1,500.00
Anita & (Mockey) Soriano-Olmos (OH) $1,500.00

LESS THAN $1,000
Ed Barlan (MI) $750.00
Danny & Lourdes Dona (MI) $500.00
Jose “Ping” & Josie Labayo (IN) $500.00
Vir & Linda Lopez (IL) $750.00
Tessie & (Joseph) Silverio-Lansang (NY) $200.00

TOTAL CLASSIC $13,200.00




Our Legacy continues! At this time we have contributed more than $100,000 toward our goal of $250,000. Our time line gives us until the year of our Ruby Jubilee, 2012, to reach this very attainable goal.

For the year 2008, our Class 72 Interns Legacy have disbursed for the first time the interest fund to the following recipients as per decided by our Classmate benefactors:
$ 4,000.00 for FMS Medical Book Scholarships and $1,000.00 for our Classmates in need through the Sick Benefit Funds. Every year we will be allotted the interest on our principal contribution that will be disbursed as directed by the benefactors in our class. Eighty percent of the interest income will be given to the projects of our Alma Mater while 20% will be available for classmates in need, community service, disaster aid, and such. To offset inflation 20% of the interest money is put back to the principal fund.

As you can see, it is important that we continue to contribute to our principal fund so that our interest income will continue to grow. This interest income is dependent on the financial markets, but there should always be some amount for us to disburse.
Please join our classmates in committing to continued generosity. You will not only aid your classmates, fellow countrymen and your Alma Mater, you will leave a perpetual legacy of love and service.

As the end of the year approaches, I ask that you begin to consider a special financial contribution towards our ultimate goal. Please recall that this will be a tax deductible contribution as well as one that will give personal satisfaction.

The years will pass quickly and soon we will gather to celebrate this magnificent accomplishment. Our legacy will remain long after we have passed. Please help us ensure that our legacy is one of a successful commitment to our Alma Mater and to our outreached program for our classmates and countrymen in most need.

Connect here for FQA and information where to send your pledge and donations.


The Class 72 Legacy

Thirty five years have passed since we matriculated at The University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery. We have been blessed with prosperous careers and generous opportunities. The time has now come for our beloved The Class 72 to initiate a legacy that will enable our lives to be continued throughout the future.

The kickoff for the THE CLASS 72 Legacy is well underway. There has been positive and encouraging feedback for this project from our classmates. Historically, your support has been forthcoming without hesitation. Many of you have given generous contributions as either a lump sum or as installment agreements. Thanks to your generosity, we already have surpassed the $100,000.00 mark.

As a reminder, the purpose of the Legacy is to give back a portion of our personal prosperity to our Alma Mater, The University of Santo Tomas, particularly the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and its Hospitals. This Legacy, under the auspices of the USTMAAAF (UST Medical Alumni Association in America Foundation) can be successful in leaving an everlasting gift in the form of scholarships, research, faculty development, post graduate training, care of indigent patients, and championing charitable cuase such as the alleviation of suffering of those dear to us.

Our goal is to raise $250,000.00 over the next five years ending 2012, our Ruby Jubilee (40th year!) Under the direction of our clasmate-benefactors, only the interest earnings of the capital monies will be disbursed. THE CLASS 72 LEGACY funds are collected and deposited in the permanent Endowment Fund of the USTMAAAF. The principal sum will remain perpetually intact. The gifts you bequeath will continue to support the Legacy even beyond our lifetimes.

At this time in our lives, most have reached the pinnacles of our careers and have seen our dreams come true. Many of our children have achieved successes in their own rights. A few of us have even retired with a secure future. Our success has been directly related to the generosity of UST Faculty of Medicine & Surgery. It is now time for us to return the generosity. Our Alma Mater is in need of our benevolence.

Your initiative and support are vital to our success. Thank you in advance for your kind generosity.

Many will have questions about The Class 72 Legacy. Attached are lists of frequently asked questions with answers.

Click Here For FAQs
Click Here For The Pledge Card




The Spring season brings us a time of rebirth and renewal. One only has to look around to see the glorious colors of nature and feel the warmth of the Spring sun to know that the Lord continues to bless us richly.

During this season of renewal let us not grow lax in our benevolent work. We as a class, have accomplished much. After consolidating funds that were initiated by our late classmate Nitz Memphin-Marino at our Silver Jubilee in 1997, we now have collectively contributed more than $100,000.  This is nearing our class goal of $250,000.

A modest sum of interest from this principal fund is now available for disbursement to our dear Alma Mater. A portion of this interest money will be allotted to community service that includes our classmates in need.

Our work is not yet complete. As you enjoy this most holy season with those you hold dear, please continue to remember those who are not as fortunate. Open your hearts and renew your Spirits. Give generously and continue your support of our CLASS 72 LEGACY.

The Dead Sea is a dead sea because it is a dead-end and has not outlet. It continually receives water but never gives water.  When you give, you receive far more in return.

Thank you and Happy Easter!