Grand Reunions

 RUBY JUBILEE, AUG 17-20, 2012- Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas



40 years have come and gone since we graduated from the world class, world renown University of Santo Tomas. In celebration of this magnificent event we gathered for the first of our premiere Ruby Jubilee events and the Closing Ceremonies of UST’s Quadricentennial. The events were no disappointment and were definitely one to remember.

At the USTMAA Philippines Grand Reunion Program of Nations held at the Manila Hotel, various countries including the USA, Spain, Italy, and Germany were represented by the Jubilarians. The Class 72 Interns and Clerks combined their talents to represent Africa. Though the final rehearsal was done in haste, the choreography was performed with finesse. A few classmates joined the presentation in an impromptu manner, including me! With the brightly colored African costumes and ornaments, the crowd of alumni barely noticed the glitches.

What can we do or say to show our pleasure and thanks to our classmates who organized the Ruby Jubilee-Manila Edition? There are no sufficient words to tell Ching San Luis, Cyn Flores-Fernandez, Rey Mariano, Bebay Rivera-Arcangel, Rey Mariano, and Ricky Balitaan how much skilled event planning was enjoyed and appreciated by their fellow classmates. There were classmates from the Philippines, Europe, and the USA.



Saujana Resort in Sta Rosa, Laguna was the place to be when the Class 72 Interns convened for an overnight stay. It was well deserved R & R after the hectic Grand Reunion Ball. This event was hosted by our very own Ricky Balitaan resplendent in his famous jockey attire. His new home was warmed and blessed complete with suman and manga merienda followed by a Holy Mass. Next on the agenda was a delici ous and healthy dinner prepared y hosts Mr and Mrs Ao. Classmates met in a large dining area overlooking the rolling hills of Laguna de Ba in the distance. Talk of the “good old days”, singing, parlor games, love and un-loved stories filled the afternoon and spilled into the night. Expensive bourbon loosed the nerves and the tongues. Dodo Bueno kept everyone laughing with jokes and antics. There were some first time attendees:  Vicky Hernandez-DeJesus, Ruby Lenes-Ada, Erlinda Nable-Senturias, Evelyn Ortega. Can you identify these in the pictures.




Our first legacy dinner meeting of Class 72 Interns was recently convened at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas on May 23, 2008. This was in conjuction with the USTMAAA Grand Reunion on May 22-25, 2008. Dante Gapultos delivered his Valedictory speech on the Opening Ceremonies. He was USTMAAAs President 2007-08.  The Class 72 (Interns) were honored during the Benefactor’s Night. Our Class President, Cecille Bayes-Vallejo accepted the Rector’s Club Benefactor Medal. The newly installed Father Rector Magnificus, Fr. Rolando de la Rosa stole the show by his stand up comic gig. The Grand Reunion was also graced by the presence of our Dean of the FMS, Dr. Grace Garayblas-Gonzaga, and FMS Regent, Fr. Winston Cabading. What a grand reunion it was!
Click here to see highlights of Class 72 Reunion in Las Vegas.

We were able to procure $5,000 in interest money from our principal endowment fund of $160,000.00. This $5,000.00 is ours to disburse as our class sees fit. After our meeting it was decided to return $4,000 to UST FMS for a book scholarship for medical students in need. The remaining $1,000 will be used by the SBF for our classmates with devastating illnesses. These requests will be forwarded to the USTMAAA Foundation Board of Trustees for approval.

Every year we will be allotted the interest on our principal contribution that will be disbursed as directed by the benefactors in our class. Eighty percent of the interest income will be given to the projects of our Alma Mater while 20% will be available for classmates in need, community service, disaster aid, and such.

As you can see, it is important that we continue to contribute to our principal fund so that our interest income will continue to grow. This interest income is dependent on the financial markets, but there should always be some amount for us to disburse.

I write this with a heavy heart. We lost two of our classmates recently. Chit Valente-Garduque’s long and courageous battle with cancer has ended June 29, 2008. Willie Joven has gone “Home”, after a prolonged illness. Class 72 Interns extend their sympathies to the bereaved families. They will be missed, but remembered by all who have the privilege to know them. Click here to view our classmates who have GONE TOO SOON.

Please join me in committing to continued generosity. You will not only aid your fellow countrymen and your Alma Mater, you will leave a perpetual legacy of love and service.



he month of December brought not only the holiday season, but also the outstanding 67th USTMAA Grand Alumni Homecoming in the Philippines. Click links below to view amazing pictures of our classmates.

In conjuction with the Reunion, The Class 72 members in the Philippines led by Ching San Luis and Cynthia Flores-Fernandez celebrated their Coral Jubilee. The Class of the Precious & Elite participated in several activities of the Grand Reunion. Resty Monzon and Ricky Balitaan hosted a mini reunion. Click link below for unforgettable photos, compliments of Dick Estacio.

On a somber note, classmates who were in ill health were visited by classmates. Those visited included Alex Alviar, Estella Dunuan-Ablao and Willie Joven.

In the evening of December 16, 2007, was the time of the main event. The spectacular four star Shangri-la Makati Hotel was the place to be. The evening was graced by the presence of our acting Rector Magnificus, Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, the Secretary of Health Dr. Francisco Duque III, and our beloved FMS Dean, Dr. Grace Garayblas- Gonzaga and FMS Regent, Fr. Winston Cabading. The event started with inspirational speeches delicious dining, and dancing. Click here to view Presidential Messages. The Jubilarian March and their respective presentation highlighted the night. Not to be outdone the Class 72 presented a program of choreographed dances to a medley of popular local songs including: Macarena, Papaya dance, Itak-tak mo, and Totoy Bibo. The rehearsal of this presentation was as much fun as the program itself. Buding Tolentino-Gabriel and husband, Greg hosted the rehearsal at their Greenhills, Makati residence. The practice was intense and filled with seriousness and amusement that required food and drink sustenance at break time. Click here to view amazing photos of our classmates at the Shangri-la Makati Grand Reunion Event

A tradition of after dinner-dance Class meeting was held at the hospitality room hosted by Ching and Marivic San Luis. Rey Mariano kept everyone laughing with his Gyn jokes. Jimmy Jorge operating room jokes and Eddie Flores Kapangpangan jokes were missed.

On December 18th, an overnight class outing was held at the Grande Island Resort, a ferry boat ride away from Subic. A breathtaking experience of picturesque view, nature, and pleasure in one island. Events included a live Karoake party and a complimentary body massage! Click link below for picturesque photos.

The entire event was exhilirating, fun filled, and nostalgic. All who attended left with fond memories of times past and promises of lifetime friendships renewed.

Click here to view Escapade at Grande Island

Click here to view Karoake Nite at Ricky’s Place


THE CLASS 72 CORAL JUBILEE, USTMAAA & Foundation 15th Annual Grand Reunion & CME. LAS VEGAS, JULY 3-7, 2007

Our Class 72 Coral Jubilee Grand Reunion in Las Vegas, Wynn Resort Hotel & Casino concluded and what a wonderful time we had! A number of our classmates from the Philippines attended. Not to be outdone, several of our classmates and their spouses from all over the USA came.

Those who attended enjoyed the activities, especially the camaraderie and fellowship. We had a full house at our dinner buffet at Salo-Salo Grille, and underestimated the numbers who were to come. Cecille Bayes-Vallejo presided over our class meeting. She urged all to support our class projects. Cynthia Flores-Fernandez gave a report on ongoing projects in the Philippines. The Class 72 Legacy is well underway with very strong support. This of course, is directly related to the enthusiasm and spirit of our classmates.

With our combined efforts, the MAF, SBF, USTMAAA Community Outreach, and other independent contributors, the class 72 has raised close to a million pesos for our classmates in need. There is no other class at UST FMS who supports their classmates in such a magnificent manner as The Class 72.

The Class 72 CME were expertly delivered by Mandy Saguin who presented a discussion on Reconstructive Surgery for Deformities Due to Poliomyelitis. Cecille Bayes-Vallejo’s program on HPV Vaccine was informative. Likewise, from Class 72 Clerk’s: Henry Horilleno’s Current Diagnosis and Treatment of Varicose and Spider Veins, and Leonides Fernando’s update on Carotid Artery Stenting were expertly presented.

We also had a great deal of fun rehearsing our presentation, “The Class 72 Side of the Story”. This was Susan Borromeo-Yuson’s rendition of West Side Story, America. For the first time, the Interns and Clerks presented as one. The evening was entertaining for all.

There was exceptional joy and great pride with the parade of the Jubilarians. The Coral Jubilarians were the stars of the evening of July 4th, outshining even the glorious fireworks of the holiday. To highlight the events: Hector Marino was awarded Most Oustanding Thomasian Awardee for Service to Alma Mater; the Class 72 was presented, “The Most Outstanding Jubilarian Class of the Year Award”. Notably the class held the distinction of having three of this group as leaders of USTMAAA & Foundation in USA, and one in the Philippines. Click Here For The Presidential Messages

Thanks to our classmates from near and far who shared the heart warming and gladdening experience. There was a void in our celebration for those who did not make it. We hope to match or surpass this year’s attendance for our future reunions.

Click Here to to see more of our Coral Jubilee Las Vegas pictures.





The Summit meeting of Filipino-American Leaders, hosted by the USTMAAA & Foundation, led by two of our classmates, Dr. Dante Gapultos and Dr Primo Andres took place at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas on November 10, 2007. The meeting lasted from 1 o’clock PM until 9 o’clock PM, three hours longer than initially allotted. Ninety-five delegates attended and represented a number of Filipino-American organizations such as NAFFAA (National Federation of Filipino-American Association), NAFCON ( National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, FUN (Filipino United Network), FADC (Filipino-American Defamation Council), APPA (Association of Practicing Physicians in America) SPSA, PEACE, Military Service, Las Vegas Nevada Physicians, Greenlining Institute, and various Alumni Associations in America: UP, UE, and FEU.

Each organization was given time to present their respective position statements. All position statements were found to be essentially in unison. Click here to see the complete text of the USTMAAA & Foundation position statement.

A team of lawyers lead by Rodel Rodis, et al discussed the pros and cons of boycott and litigation options against ABC. The majority of leaders present was against a class action suit against ABC but did want to keep the option open.

An open forum followed with every delegate present at the Summit being given an opportunity to speak. At times the debate became contentious, but the discussions were realigned by the resolute and fair leadership of the Chairman, Co-Chairman, and Parliamentarian of the Summit: Primo Andres, Stella Evangelista, and Joe Evangelista respectively. Boy Abay was always there to sort out differences with great tact. Click here to view more pictures of the Summit.

A synopsis of the motions granted at the summit is as follows:

• Formation of a Council consisting of the delegates present at the Summit.

• Aligning the Council with the Greenlining Institute, the goal of which is to
empower minorities, especially Filipino-Americans.

• Boycotting Disney stores.

• Pursuing a documentary about the contributions of Filipino-American doctors
and allied professionals in the health care industry of America.

• Demanding the ABC Entertainment Network undergo sensitivity training.

The Council was named, Filipino-American Leadership Council.(FALC) The Council elected Primo Andres, President; Philip Chua (FEU), Vice President; and Stella Evangelista, Secretary.

In conjuction with Greenlining Institute CEO, Robert Gnaizda and FALC a letter is being drafted at press time addressed to several major sponsors of ABC’s Desperate Housewives TV show to seek grievance to the racist slander made towards the Philippine medical graduates.

It is now possible for Filipino- Americans to speak with one voice; a voice that collectively tells the public arena truly who we are and the virtues we possess. We can now act as a clearinghouse for responding to inappropriate actions in a manner that is organized, thoughtful, and accurate.

Above photo shows Dr. Amante Legazpi, President of FEU Medical Alumni Association in America presenting its position statement. Looking on are the USTMAAA & Foundation moderators: From left to right: Dante Gapultos, President of USTMAAA; Primo Andres, President of USTMAAA Foundation (both from The Class 72); Stella Evangelista, Executive Director, USTMAAA & Foundation; and Hunna Saw, Board of Directors, Summit secretary.

Quotes to Remember during the Summit:
“ABCs Mickey Mouse apology not acceptable.” – Rodel Rodis Esq. FADC.
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except for what we resolved to do today.” – Nora Rena, M.D. Vice Chair, NAFFAA