Presidential Message


18th Annual Grand Reunion and Medical Convention
Downtown Chicago Marriott,
May 27-29, 2010

Greetings To My fellow Alumni of the great University of Santo Tomas.

It is with utmost humility that I stand before you to accept the honor of the position of President of the UST Medical Alumni Association in America Foundation. The one word that begins to summarize my feelings for our Alma Mater and the Foundation is PRIDE.

As the head of my loving family of a gracious beautiful wife, four successful children, and two precious grandchildren I have good reason to know the true meaning of the word “PRIDE”. As the beneficiary of a quality education, the honor of having served as President of the USTMAA in America, and now the privilege of being named President of the Foundation, I have further reasons to feel this strong emotion called “PRIDE”.

Each of you here today have a direct relationship with our University and emanate the basic vision of its very existence. Look around you; to your right, to your left. You are surrounded by fellow Alumni that instill this sense of PRIDE by the very fact that they share the success that has been brought forth by the University of Santo Tomas.

Let us, together, look deeper at the humanity and emotion connoted by the word “PRIDE”. Let us look at each letter of the word:

“P” brings us the ability to Pledge our trust and abiding goodwill towards continuing the success of our Alma Mater for future generations. We must pledge our faith in the administrative decisions and we must pledge our financial support to the projects of the University. The proposed Thomasian Alumni Center is a dream that can become a reality with your pledge of support.

“R” requires a Response on all our parts. Not only must we think of ideas that will bring glory to the Alma Mater, we must respond to the call that will bring these ideas to fruition.

“I” stands for Imagination. Imagine what we can be accomplished when we put our hearts and souls together for a unified cause. Imagine your name inscribed in brass in the Alumni Honor Gallery. Imagine outdoing Medicine Class 62 led by Dr. Sel Unite who raised $137,000 cash in 5 weeks. Imagine outshining Drs. Joe and Stella Evangelista of Class 68 or topping the Tau Mu Sigma Phi USA for their $100,000 contributions each for the cause. Imagine the Ballroom or one of the Lobbies named after your graduating class or your family in the new Alumni Center for all future Thomasians to see.

“D” demands Dedication from all. Half hearted support accomplishes little. Dedicated Alumni accomplish great things. Dedicated Alumni support their Alma Mater with physical effort as well as financial giving.

“E” is the Energy behind all efforts. Nothing is accomplished sitting down. We must stand for what is right and good. “E” can also represent envy. Look at us. The Institution that educates more than 43,000 students every year; the Alma Mater of national heroes, Presidents, and Saints. The University that produces year after year top achievers and topnotchers in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Rehab, Physical Therapy, Engineering, Architecture, Education, and so forth – This is the school we call our own. This is the University that brings forth prominent, esteemed and respected alumni. We have many of them among us tonight.

In spite of the obvious PRIDE that we share in our University, we have one glaring omission. We do not have an Alumni Center such is had by other schools like the University of the Philippines or the University of Ateneo de Manila. Together we have the ability to build the Thomasian Alumni Center – a center that will be the envy of our country, and certainly a reflection of the highly regarded Alumni.

The year 2011 is our Quadricentennial Year – 400 years of academic excellence. This is the year for exciting events to transpire. My mission for my term in this office is to promote our Alumni Pride and raise funds for the Thomasian Alummi Center so as to show the world what can be accomplished when best of the best dare to Pledge, Respond, Imagine, Dedicate, and Energize.

Thank you in advance for your love and support.

F. C. Dante Gapultos, Jr. M.D. F.A.C.O.G.
President, UST Medical Alumni Association in America, 2007-2008
President, UST Medical Alumni Association in America Foundation, Inc. 2010-2012




The Rector Magnificus of UST and the Chairman of the UST Hospital Inc. Board of Trustees, Rev. Fr Ernesto Arceo; the Dean of the USTFMS, Dr Grace Garayblas-Gonzaga; the Regent of FMS, Fr Winston Cabading, the president of the UST MAA Philippines, Dr Placido Calimag; Classmates, fellow alumni, fellow Jubilarians:

Last December, the UST Alumni Association in America & Foundation sent a delegation to Espana Street, Manila to seek understanding of the changes made by the University of Santo Tomas to the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and its Hospitals. As a child worries about a quarrel between his parents, we, the alumni, were childlike in our apprehension concerning the perceived discord between the FMS and its Hospitals. Now, we understand. It was a bold move by the University of Santo Tomas Board of Trustees for the financial survival of its Hospitals.

Today finds the UST FMS and its Hospitals headed in a new direction. The institution has stirred itself from the verge of bankruptcy to the path of solvency. We must prepare ourselves for greatness if we are to continue these travels successfully. We must traverse this road with solidarity. As President Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our “house” has been affected by the dissemination of misunderstanding and rumor. The time has come to put factual information before those who lack understanding. There are those who advocate change, and there are those who promulgate status quo. The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that brings progress. We, the alumni, should give our strongest support to the University of Santo Tomas’ charted course for the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and its Hospitals. If we want to do something big, we must be united. A few is a small number to attain success.

It is with thanks, admiration, and respect that I commend the leadership circle that sustains USTMAAA & Foundation. To name a few, Joe & Stella Evangelista, Oni & Zita Yorro, Noel & Alice Canlas, Primo & Sylvia Andres, Greg & Melinda Tolentino, Ron & Tessie Ronquillo, Tony & Auring Gonzales, and Sam Fernando.
Do you remember the E.F. Hutton commercial? Joe Vijungco & Orlie Sison are our E. F. Hutton leaders. When they talk everybody listens.

Fellow Thomasians often admire alumni seated at presidential or VIP tables, reserved seats, their photos on publications, and colored ribbons below their nametags. To be in the limelight is a small reward for the thousands of unrecorded sacrifices made, such as the many hours spent traveling, attending meetings, balancing and disbursing funds, soliciting donations, preparing big CME programs and grand events like tonight and the other night. The real work has always been behind the scenes. What you see is leadership at its purest form. They work without compensation. It is lonely up here!

Unfortunately, the work is not complete. We must accentuate the efforts of our predecessors with the infusion of new blood in order to continue the successful path to our goals. The Association and Foundation is searching for young blood to lead us. Those whose circulations are free of calcifications and plaques, whose gray matter is computer literate and is full of memory reserve, and whose hearts are still generous. USTMAAA & Foundation is looking for young men and women who have courage to change the old!

As we join together to ensure the immediate success of our alumni association, we must also look toward sustaining this success. One goal of my administration will be to arouse the interest of our medical students and new graduates to our organization. There are a number of ways that we can do this, but the most important thing for us to realize is that these students and new grads are the life blood of USTMAAA- the future.

Many years have passed since we matriculated at the USTFMS. We have been blessed with prosperous careers and generous opportunities, and have seen our dreams come true. Many of our children have achieved successes in their own rights. A few of us have even retired with a secure future. Our success has been directly related to the generosity of USTFMS. It is now time for us to return the generosity. Consider bequeathing a portion of your accumulated fortune to USTMAAA Foundation in your estate planning. Our Alma Mater is in need of our benevolence. Gun Denhart, the founder of Hanna Anderson Clothing Company has said. “Money is like manure. If you let it pile up it just smells. But if you spread it around, you encourage things to grow.”

I want to conclude with an expression of both gratitude and appreciation to the following significant others:
First, I say thank you to Stella Evangelista and Zita Yorro and to the Nevada-Arizona Chapter of USTMAAA for the time and effort they spent into making this event a memorable occasion for us.
Second, I commend my classmates who without hesitancy have given good money and good advice for a good cause.
Third, I praise the Heaven sent, Lourdes Albino-Cacanindin of Class 91, who has brought us an electronic meeting place. Likewise, I praise my son Glenn, who painstakingly made the inspiring and nostalgic class DVD. Both of these efforts have raised Endowment Funds at the grassroots level.
Fourth, I can never thank my wife, Margie Gapultos enough for serving as my best friend, my adviser, my number one team-mate, and most important, my psychiatrist. Lastly, my fellow alumni, your generosity and support have brought us to where we are today.

Thanks to you all, Happy July 4th, and may God continue to bless you richly.

Speech delivered by F.C. Dante Gapultos, Jr. M.D. F.A.C.O.G. on the 4th of July, 2007 during the 15th USTMAAA & FOUNDATION Annual Grand Reunion & CME Convention at Wynn Hotel Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. Dr Gapultos is the current USTMAA in America President for 2007-08.




The stage is set for the 15th USTMAAA and USTMAAA Foundation annual conventrion at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The cast are ready to play their parts – so to speak.

We, the officers of the alumni organization, are delighted with the enthusiastic response from the members and we are looking forward to a very delightful meeting. The continuing medical education committee haas prepared a smorgasbord of topics highlighted by a Luis Guerrero Memorial Lecture to be given by Dr Hernan Reyes, a pediatric surgeon extaordinaire.

There will be exhibits both medical and ancillary. There will be golf of course. But most of all the most awaited event in every alumni gathering is the parade and presentation of the Jubilarians. Traditionally there will be dancing and singing and other perfornaces by the respective celebrants that will bring out the talents of our classmates from dormancy. The delegation from the faculty and the university will once again greace the occasion with news and discussions and good tidings.

It may appear so contrastingly trivial inspite of all these pomp and circumstance. But the real meaning of why we do this annual rite transcends the laughter and the gaiety. There is a higher purpose in all these. Having graduated from the Pontifical University allowed us to open doors, of oppurtunity. We were able to practice a profession so noble that the whole humanity probably will not survive without it. With the little “piece of paper” that was awarded to us by the rector and the the dean we designed our lives, our families and our communities. And now that we are living the life that was made possible by the mentoring of the University of Santo Tomas we want to look back once in a while and thank the Providence that led us here – wherever here is.

So this year is no different. Let us rejoice the blessings of our catholic education. Let us collectively rise in gratitude of the good life. Let us keep the inspiration alive in our hearts – just like when we were in medical school – and remind ourselves again and again that the UST is part of our being.

USTMAAA Valedictory Address by Greg Tolentino, M.D. (Class 72) at the 15th USTMAAA & Foundation Grand Reunion & CME Convention at Wynn Hotel Resort in Las Vegas on July 3, 2007. Dr Tolentino was the first President and one of the co-founders of the USTMAAA Foundation.



Primo A. Andres, M.D. FACC, FSCAI Message.

My fellow Thomasians:

Allow me to share with you the excitement that I am enjoying as the President of the USTMAA Foundation. There can be no more exhilarating experinece than to watch the growth and maturity of our organization from the “front row”.

It has been 15 years since our pioneering fathers established the Fendowment Fund with a mere $25,000. this was added to over the years through your continuous generous support. With the pricipal being wisely invested with the help of professional advisers, and with only the earnings being distributed to to finance our projects, we have now reached another important landmark. We have $3 million in our coffers. this was achieved even though we have distributed already over $1 million.

Despite the seeminly enormous amount that we have accumulated, it is actually miniscule compared to what we need to accomplish the tasks that we have promished ourselves to do. While there is need to expand our Fund, there is also a need to spend our hard-earned money wisely. The Foundation Board is revising the guidelines for funding projects to include benchmarking and timely critical review of the projects to ensure that they are accomplishing what they are originally intended for. We are also expanding the role of our organization to now spread our wings beyond the confines of the UST campus, engaging in “community service” all over the Philippines.

Help us move forward by continuing to be generous. We have set a new goal for our Endowment Fund of $5 million by 2011 to coincide with the celebration of the Quadricentennial Anniversary of our beloved alma mater.

Mabuhay and USTMAAA and its Foundation! Mabuhay and UST! Mabuhay and Pilipinas! At mabuhay tayong lahat!

Primo Andres, MD, FACC, FSCAI (Class 72) is serving his second year term as President of USTMAAA Foundation. His inaugural speech was delivered at the 15th USTMAAA & Foundation Grand Reunion & CME Convention at Wynn Hotel Resort & Casino, Las Vegas July 1-4, 2007. He served as President of USTMAAA 2005-06.



Message of Cynthia Flores-Fernandez, M.D. (Class 72) President of USTMAA Philippine Foundation.

It is indeed with great priede and joy that I have been a part of the alumni association’s activities over the years, and especially in this 12 month preparation for the grand alumni homecoming.

I can imagine the number of years, many of you have been away from this institution, but I’m pretty sure distance and time have even linked us closer together. Your success and professional growth is an aftermath of hard work and sacrifice and we acknowledge your dedication and service to our fellowmen.

I am extending my personal heartfelt thanks to the Alumni Organizing Committee (AHOC) for its unselfish time, dedication anc concerted efforts to ensure each jubilarian class participation in this year’s festivities.

We praise God for keeping us alive and healthy, and for giving us the opportunity to serve the alumni and the association. Let’s be proud to Thomasians!

Dr Cynthia Flores-Fernandez (Class 72)is currently the President of USTMAA Philippine Foundation. She is serving her second of a three year term of office. She served as President of USTMAA Philippines in 2005. USTMAAA/FOUNDATION USA have their counterpart alumni association and foundation in the Philippines.